Akili Faye
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Akili Faye, full name Akili Babatunda Faye (born 6. marts 1992) is a Zimbabwean footballer. He plays the role of striker for the American club, Ultimatum Football Club, and has done so since Season 7.


Akili Faye was sent away from his family in Zimbabwe at the tender age of 13, as he was to try-out with the top teams in Germany. His family showed major amounts of trust towards him, as he was not seen as that much of a talent, rather a workhorse.  

He wound up at the German top club, Borussia Dortmund as soon as he was old enough, and was part of their youth academy for many years.  

Akili also met his wife in Germany, the German model, Julia Stegner. 

Career Edit

At the age of 21, Faye signed for American club, Ultimatum F.C. in the seasons winter-transferwindow. The club's goalkeeper, Jonas Jorgen Jorgensen, had taken over as an interim-manage, who later had a big influence on Faye's career.

Season 3 Edit

Ultimatum F.C. Edit

He was presented with #23 in the third season of the league, where he made his debut against Brazilian team, Jericoacoara, in which he made two assists.

In his time at Ultimatum, Faye mainly played the role of leftwinger, however he was played as the striker, when big name Yohann El Modri was out.

Ultimatum ended the season 4th place (Sæson 3)

Season 4 Edit

BV Merkuranerne 2012 Edit

In the pre-Season 4 transferwindow, Faye signed for German giants, BV Merkuranerne. He was presented with #8 debuted against his old club, Ultimatum. The match was won 2-1.

BVM, however, wound up relegating down into the YFC Division.

Season 5 Edit

C.D. Monterrey Edit

In Season 5, Faye signed for the newly promoted C.D. Monterrey, where he wore #9. The club had an amazing first season where they won bronze.

After his performances in the league, Faye won Player and Striker of the Year.

Season 6 Edit

C.D. Monterrey Edit

After much speculation about the future of Faye, it was announced that he had signed a new contract with Monterrey, under new manager, Luca Agostino, despite numerous rumours of Faye replacing legendary striker, Krampel von Hampel at the dominating Olympique Strasbourg.

Honors Edit

BV Merkuranerne 2012 Edit

Team of the Week once.

C.D. Monterrey Edit

Team of the Week thrice.

Bronze in the YFC League with C.D. Monterrey.

Individual honors Edit

Striker of the Year - Season 5

Player of the Year - Season 5